Are You An Extrovert Or Introvert ?

Introvert or extrovert quiz


Take this quiz to see if you are an Extrovert or Introvert?

  • Question of

    Are you often mentally tired after being with lots of people?

    • YES! I just want to go back home and take a nap
    • NO! I feel very energetic and happy that I get to hang out with many people
    • It depends on who I was with.
    • Just thinking about it make me feel tired
    • I get excited thinking about it
  • Question of

    Do you talk to yourself more than others?

    • Yes. Always.
    • No. Why would I do that ?
    • I talk to myself about the same amount that I talk to others.
  • Question of

    When doing activities or playing games, which one sounds more like you?

    • Play without hesitation.
    • I started the game.
    • I don’t play. I just watch my friends play.
  • Question of

    Which of these statements best describes you:

    • People often described you as antisocial and difficult to get to know you.
    • You enjoy talking and share your thoughts.
    • Enjoy one-on-one interaction
    • Like to learn by watching.
    • You like being the center of attention.
  • Question of

    Your thoughts about public speaking .

    • I hate It !
    • I love it.
    • I kind of like it.
  • Question of

    How many friends do you have ?

    • 2
    • 4-6
    • 8-10
    • I can’t count. Everyone that I pass is my friend.
  • Question of

    Which one are you?

    • Definitely introvert.
    • Obviously extrovert.
    • It depends on the situation.
    • I don’t know. That’s why I take this quiz.
  • Question of

    What will you do when you are in party?

    • I would approach people who are alone, like me.
    • I will talk to everybody. I can’t stay still.
    • I’m with my closest friends.
    • Put ear plugs in, sit in the corner and play with my phone or book.
  • Question of

    How to do you prefer to communicate?

    • In person. Tell me to my face.
    • Call me first then we’ll meet up if you need to elaborate.
    • Can’t you just text or email me? Who calls people these days?
  • Question of

    To prepare for a night out…

    • I buy the latest outfit, tell my friends, then dance the night away.
    • Call a few of my closest friends to see if they will be there.
    • Prepare? My friends have to drag me out most nights.

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